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We index blogs all over the world and therefore know what bloggers link to and write about. Based on that knowledge we have created Twingly Blog Manager to help eCommerce companies engage more bloggers and thus sell more products.

Twingly Blog Manager consists of two components: the Blog Box and the Dashboard. The Blog Box attracts more bloggers to link to your products and gives your web shop increased credibility. The Dashboard gives you control over your bloggers and helps you find more bloggers. By using Twingly Blog Manager you will effectively increase your marketing via blogs and increase your sales!

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The Blog Box

When you implement the Blog Box on your product pages it will automatically find the blog posts in our index that link to your products and present them in the Blog Box. Giving bloggers this attention will stimulate them to link more to your products and also help your visitors to convert by reading a trust-building independent review of the product.

You can also implement the Blog Box on your front page and category pages. In that case it will show the latest blog posts about any product in your shop or any product in the specific category where you implement it. This will also stimulate bloggers to blog more about your products whilst giving visitors an overview of what products are hot among bloggers.

Bloggers love to get attention!

86% of bloggers would link more often to products at eCommerce sites if they were presented as a reference next to the product.

The Blog Box values

Increase Conversion

A blog post about your product is an independent review. By presenting blog posts with Blog Box next to your products you will affect visitors to convert.

Increased SEO

More bloggers will link to your products if they are showcased as a reference and get a link back from you. More links from blogs will increase your SEO.

Marketing through blogs

When other bloggers see that you feature bloggers in your web shop they will also start to link and lead their followers to your products.

"Twingly Blog Box is easy to install and has delivered positive results for us since day one. It has produced a positive word-of-mouth, increased brand preference, and significantly increased the number of blog posts, which has lead to more traffic and a strengthened SEO off page." Read more
Freddy Sobin, Director E-Commerce at Haléns

Blogs influence purchases more then any other Social Media source.* Displaying relevant blog posts next to your products will increase conversion and attract more bloggers to link to your products when blogging. The Blog Box is quick and easy to implement in your web shop and you can style it with CSS. Read more about implementation in our Technical Documentation.

The Dashboard

The Dashboard gives you control and statistics on bloggers who are relevant to your web shop. You can see both who is talking about your brand and who is linking to your products. You can view what they are writing and what product they are linking to. By doing text analysis we can provide you with different metadata about the bloggers and their posts, such as highlighting who is writing positive or negative posts about your brand or products.

Our system finds the most influential bloggers in your segment who are not blogging about your brand today. These bloggers are then presented in the Dashboard so you can capitalize on the opportunity, contact them, and expand your blogger network.

On the statistics page you can see statistics for both mentions and unlinks over time. You will instantly see statistics for the past 12 months and can easily track the effect of Twingly Blog Manager as you start working with the blogosphere.

Blog Manager Dashboard

The Dashboard makes marketing via blogs easy!

Key features

Know your Bloggers

Most companies do not know who is blogging about them today. The Dashboard gives you an instant overview of “your” bloggers for the past 12 months.

Get metadata

The Dashboard presents metadata about bloggers so you can understand and easily contact them.

Find new bloggers

The Dashboard suggests influential bloggers for you to contact who do not blog about your products today.

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The facts

Bloggers influence

Technorati’s recent report shows that blogs influence purchase more than Facebook, Twitter, or any other Social Media source. For the full report click here.

Reach their followers

96% on online consumers in the UK get very or slightly interested in buying a product that’s recommended by a blogger they follow.

Get them to buy your products

50% of online consumers in the UK, France, and Germany have purchased a product based on a blogger’s recommendation.

Some of our Blog Manager customers

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